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We´re the Liver Surgery Unit – Hospital das Clinicas – University of Sao Paulo School of Medicine (FMUSP).

Our Unit belongs to the Digestive and Colorectal Surgery Division, inside the Department of Gastroenterology (FMUSP), and we focus on:


  • Patient care: modern management of hepatic surgical diseases offering excellence treatment to patients from the Brazilian Government public health system;
  • Surgical training: medical students, interns, Basic General Surgery residents, Digestive Surgery residents, Liver Surgery fellows and visiting surgeons take part on our clinical practice;
  • Surgical research: development of knowledge in liver surgery through scientific research;
  • Scientific communication: active participation in surgical meetings and production of scientific papers derived from our research lines.


The Liver Surgery Unit acts in two major centers: Hospital das Clinicas (FMUSP) and ICESP (FMUSP). Yearly, about 4,000 medical appointment´s and 120 liver resections are carried out, including open (conventional) and minimally invasive (laparoscopic, hand-assisted and laparoscopic-assisted) operations.